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Welcome to my layout

This modern HO scale layout is made from the ideas of fellow modeler and friend Pelle Soeborg – having a simple track plan and making a landscape with a railroad going through to make it look as realistic as possible.

The layout built in a 1200 sq. ft. room is based on Union Pacific lines with BNSF trackage rights located in south-central Texas. The main city of Waycross is fictional based on a mix between Hearne, TX and Pittsburg, TX. The towns of Livingston and LaGrange will resemble the prototypes as much as possible.

More pictures and videos will be added or replaced as the work progresses.

Waycross has a small yard, three small industries and an active diamond with one connector – Waycross Jct. – on the east-west Fort Worth Sub. The crossing lines are Austin Sub (ex. SP) south of the diamond and Longview Sub going north. The connector allows traffic from Austin Sub to the east leg of Fort Worth Sub. Leaving Waycross the line continues through the small town of Clifton and Coleman Transloading Facility which also has a passing siding, continues through the town of Livingston, across the Trinity River Bridge to Smithville Jct. from here the main line continues to Houston (not modeled) on Houston Sub. Freeport Sub (ex. MKT) which splits off the main is a branch line going through LaGrange with street running as the prototype. The line sees only a few locals and coal trains to and from a power plant.

All the Subdivisions are CTC controlled except Freeport Sub which is TWC.

The pdf-document shows a drawing of the complete layout, click on the symbol to open.

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Our Videos

2015 Layout Presentation

2018 Layout update

Welcome to a parade of the trains on this layout. Recorded November 2016

Visit La Grange, TX in HO, street-running coal train and sand train. Recorded March 2017

Take a ride in the cab of this BNSF coal train through the layout. See this train and 4 meets with other trains from the cab and from the ground.

UP domestic stack train through Clifton, along the long Texas highway and through Waycross. Intermountain CSX ES44AC, UP Kato C44-9 and DPU Intermountain UP ES44AC

Union Pacific freight with CSX C40-8W on the point rolling through the small town of Gladewater, past the ADM Elevator over Waycross Jct. and through the city of Waycross. This train is so far the only fully waethered. The engines are all Atlas with Soundtraxx Tsunami sound deoders.

UP stack train with DPU rolling trough Gladewater, ADM Elevator, Waycross Jct, the city of Waycross, Coleman Transloading Facility and at last passes through the other leg of Waycross Jct. The 2 C44-9W on the point are Kato and the pusher is an ES44AC from Intermountain, all with Tsunami sound decoders.

BNSF Trailer train across Waycross Jct. The lead engines is a Kato C44-9W and the 2 trailing are Tower 55 ES44DC, all with Tsunami sound decoders.

Norfolk Southern autorack train meets BNSF trailer train in Waycross. NS autorack train lead by C40-8W and C40-8, both Atlas with Tsunami sound decoders, meets the BNSF trailer train mentioned above.

Norfolk Southern autorack train across Waycross Jct.

BNSF freight leaving Waycross Atlas Dash 8CW’s

Union Pacific empty coal train with AC4400 and AC6000 on the point and SD9043MAC pushing comes into Waycross and meets an intermodal train with 2 UP and 1 CN SD70ACe’s. All engines are Kato with Tsunami sound decoders

UP yard power switching Waycross industrial laed. Walthers PROTO GP60 and Athearn Genesis GD15-1

UP local through Waycross and Clifton Broadway Limited SD40-2 and Intermountain ES44AC

Union Pacific unit sand train through Livingston, TX Athearn Genesis SD70ACe + SD70M, American Limited hoppers, DPU: Intermountain ES44AC

Cab ride through the visible part of the layout (no stagings) The video is filmed with a GoPro Hero4 Session camera mounted on a flatcar in correct cab window height.

Cab ride through the complete layout and staging yards. The video is filmed with a GoPro Hero4 Session camera mounted on a flatcar in correct cab window height

BNSF local through Livingston to meet BNSF freight at Coleman siding. Local: Intermountain SD40-2 + Athearn Genesis SD45-2 Freight: Atlas GE C40-8’s All locomotives are equiped with Soundtraxx Tsunami decoders

BNSF international stack train meets BNSF coal trains in Waycross A BNSF stack train with NS ES44DC Intermountain), BNSF C44-9W (Kato), BNSF ES44AC (Intermountain) and BNSF SD70ACe (Athearn) meets a loaded BNSF coal train with BNSF SD70MAC and CEFX SD9043MAC on the point and 2 BNSF AC4400 pushing. All engines are Kato with Tsunami sound decoders. Before the stack train leaves, an empty BNSF caol train pulls up to the signal powered by 2 BNSF SD70ACe’s on the point and 2 BNSF SD70MAC’s pushing. All engines are Athearn Genesis with Tsunami sound decoders.

Picture walk-through

West end of Gladewater, TX

Main Street in Gladewater

ADM grain elevator between Gladewater and Waycross

Waycross Junction at the west end of town is an active crossing with a south-to-east connector

BNSF autorack train in Waycross

The brewery is another rail served industry in the west end of Waycross

US-79 follows the railroad through town

Main Street in Gladewater

US-79 on the west side of downtown

The bus station and a downtown street seen from the Amtrak station

The Amtrak station is served by the daily Texas Eagle

A BNSF freigh is waiting for a fresh crew in the siding at Waycross

Waycross is a modern town with many restaurants and a mall

A view of the old part of town with a small park

View of the mall area in the east end of town

..going east out of town..

Jiffy Lube, Exxon and a few other businesses are in the east end of Waycross

two rail serviced industries are located at the end of the industrial spur

Panorama view of Waycross

The BNSF freight is leaving town

I made “the long lonesome Texas highway” with the tracks following the road based on a scene outside Moody, TX. I wanted a stretch of track where you could see a straight train in it’s full length. That works here, with the exception of the longest intermodals. The longest intermodal is 4 engines and 40 well cars.

“The Long Lonesome Texas Highway”

This rural Texaco station is located outside of Moody, which gave the idea for this scene

..the vast Texas contryside..

The small town of Clifton. The real Clifton is on BNSF’s line from Temple to Fort Worth

A UP stack train comes through town..

The railroad crosses over TX-317

..eye-level view..

…and finally the DPU

At the other end of Coleman siding is Coleman Transloading Facility. I chose to make the other area with switching a transloading facility so I can bring, switch and pick-up almost any type of railcar.
One end has tank loading and unloading racks and covered hopper racks, the middle a freighthouse with 2 tracks going inside (boxcars, coil cars and gondolas) and the other end has a track for loading and unloading lumber cars.

Coleman Transloading Facility entrance with the lumber yard in the background

From the east end of Coleman siding the lines continues past a residential neighborhood into Livingston, TX. The fire station kit is modeled from the station in Livingston. The court house is also a replica of the actual one, as are the surrounding buildings and the First State Bank.
Past Livingston the lines crosses over Trinity River and goes to Smithville Jct. where the main line to Houston continues through the backdrop under a highway overpass. The Freeport Sub branchline runs through La Grange, TX which has several blocks of street running.

East end of Coleman siding looking towards Livingston

BNSF local passing First Stete Bank in Livingston

Livingston Fire Station no. 1

Polk County Court House in Livingston

BNSF local through Livingston

Trinity River bridge

Trinity River

Trinity River crossing

Before Smthville Jct is a rural area with oil fields

Smithville Jct.

Most of the layout is sceniced, except the last 180 degree curve at the west end of La Grange.
The La Grange prototype is located halfway between Houston and Austin on US-71. It has 9 blocks of street running down through the middle of Lafayette Street, which made it interesting to model.
The line sees 4 loaded and 4 empty coal trains per day, plus some rock trains and a few freights.
On the model, the coal trains run in the opposite direction – the track plan would not fit if I had to run in the correct direction.
The model line sees a loaded and an empty BNSF coal train, an empty UP coal train, a UP sand train and 2 locals, one BNSF and one UP.

La Grange street running

Drone view of La Grange

A UP sand train coming though town at the US-77 grade crossing

BNSF empty coal train coming down Lafayette Street

The recently restored 1897 MKT Depot on Lafayette Street

The Courthouse Square in La Grange, the backdrop picture is the actual street

Lafayette Street, looking towards Smithville Jct.