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#EBSS Modern Crossing Bell Sound Unit

This sound module gives the sound of the new modern electronic grade crossing bells. The railroads have changed some of the old mechanical bells to this new type and most new crossings have this bell type.

You can buy this bell as:

*  a complete unit mounted on the 
    speakerbox, ready to install, or

*  the electronic sound board only
*  a speakerbox
*  the speakerbox as a kit
*  a 2½” speaker


Listen To It



Complete unit mounted on speakerbox,

Price: $ 64.95


Sound module, #ITTC-EB

Price: $ 39.95



Styrene plastic speakerbox,

Price: $ 14.95


Styrene plastic speakerbox, kit 

Price: $ 9.95


Acrylic speaker grille

Price: $ 8.00