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#SH-001 Modern Shell Gas Station & Convenience Store kit

Base/driveway and cars not included
This modern Shell Gas Station & Convenience Store can be found all across the nation. It has 4 modern double-pumps on 2 islands under one canopy and a street sign with logo and prices.


This kit includes all building parts, pumps and signs milled in white and black styrene plastic, clear window glazing, and self-adhesive decals. 
Base/driveway not included.
All parts fit together but may need light sanding in joints for cosmetic reasons. The model needs painting.
Some model building and painting skills are required. Size: 11″ x 7 1/2″ x 2 3/ 4″ (280 x 175 x 70 mm)

Prototype in Columbus, Texas



Price, kit: $ 99.95 

Download SH-Manual

Price, Built-up and painted, ready to install: $205.-

  Learn more about built-up service


If you want a larger gas station, you can get the Shell Gas Pump Extension kit # 9-16


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Paint colors you will need to match the model in the pictures: 

Floquil Gray Primer
Floquil Reefer White
Floquil Antique White
Floquil Grimy Black
Floquil SOO Line Red
Floquil ATSGF Yellow
Testors Gloss White