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  • #TB-RP2 Checks Cashed office in HO scale

#TB-RP2 Checks Cashed office in HO scale

Re-purposed former Taco Bell building


Pre-cut structure kit milled in white & black styrene, laser cut in white acrylic, including all parts, window glazing, sign, logos and poster decals, Plastruct Metal Roof and detailed assembly instructions with pictures. 
Parking lot base is not included. 

These early designs of the Taco Bell buildings are still around in large numbers – not as Taco Bell anymore, but many as Mexican restaurants or other non-chain family-owned restaurants or other small retail stores.

Some model building and painting skills required. 

Size: 7 1/2″ x 5 3/4″ x 3” (190 x 146 x 75 mm)



Price, kit: $ 75.00

Download TB-RP2-Instructions



Price, Built-up and painted, ready to install: $ 270

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